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All men are unique and different. You should never make any generalizations when it comes to guys. The mind is a complex thing, and each guy desires something different in a woman.

Sometimes when we like someone, we can easily list off the traits and attributes that attracted us to them in the first place. But often times, when someone asks us “Why him or why her” we’re clueless to the answer. You end up shrugging your shoulders and saying “Just because.” When this happens, it’s a sign that your object of desire is acting in a way that is tugging at your heart.

When it comes to guys, there are certain things they subconsciously look for in a woman. So if you always wanted to know what men look for in a girlfriend, our Orange County matchmakers have the answer for you.

Let the best Yorba Linda dating service show you the top three traits men subconsciously find attractive in a woman, and tell us how many of these three traits you have.

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1. Piercing & sexy eyes he can look at all day long.

Everyone knows that the eyes are the window to the soul. If you ask any guy what feature they find most attractive in a woman, most of them are going to say the eyes. That’s because the eyes have this magical ability to convey feelings and emotions without saying a word.

Did you know that we talk more with our eyes than we do with our mouths? You don’t need to have makeup covered eyes to get his attention. Just a little mascara with a complimentary liner will do the job and make your eyes pop. Trust us on this one, if you have piercing eyes, the men are going to notice you.

2. Unique and special traits that make you unforgettable.

We’re constantly flooded with images of what a perfect woman is supposed to look like, but this only feeds us a very narrow idea of what “beautiful” should be. As a result, we often develop very unhealthy obsessions with our image. For example, you might think that your nose is too big compared to other women or that your lips are too thin and need to be enhanced.

The truth is, these unique traits are what make you stand out from other women and will make you unforgettable. Subconsciously, men love to meet a woman with unique features that make her stand out from other women. So relax if your forehead is too wide or your lips are too small. He’s not going to care. Your features are a part of you and could actually draw him in.

3. A style that makes you stand out from other women.

This has a lot to do with how you present yourself, not with the clothes you wear. Men are subconsciously drawn to women who have a sense of style. Whether it’s classy and sophisticated, basic and practical, or active and sporty, a guy will always subconsciously evaluate a woman based on her style.

As professional matchmakers, we know how hard it can be to be original nowadays, so take some time to find a style that’s unique for you. Our rule of thumb is to always use your gut when shopping for clothes. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t wear it again. After all, comfort screams confidence, which is the first thing to draw men in. Finding your own style will take time, but once you do you’ll notice that heads start turning your way.

So there you have it, ladies, the top three traits that men subconsciously desire in a woman. If you’ve ever wondered what men want in a woman, now you have your answer and can play these things up in your own dating life.

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded men in Orange County, then contact the best Yorba Linda dating service today and let our expert matchmakers introduce you to quality men who are compatible with you. We’ll give you the guidance and support you need to feel confident on your search for Mr. Right. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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