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There you are, cruising on the brand new relationship highway with a beautiful woman you managed to snag when all the sudden everything comes to a stop. She doesn’t seem to engage in conversation, she no longer finds your jokes funny, and she isn’t as available as she used to be. In fact, she’s not even answering your calls.

Some of the reasons single women in Orange County lose interest are pretty straightforward, so if you catch it quickly you can turn things around.

Today, our Irvine matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons single women in Orange County lose interest in dating.

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1. Things are no longer fun.

Let’s face it, life does set in at one point and kills the honeymoon stage. However, you should always try to have fun in your life, especially when you have a new girlfriend. Excitement and laughter are two crucial ingredients in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. If she is losing interest in dating you, try to incorporate more laughter and excitement in the relationship. Continue to date her just as you did in the early stages and create memorable experiences together.

2. Things became a routine.

Habitual routines can destroy a relationship in no time. Sure, get up, get a shower, make the bed, drink your coffee, and head to work, because that’s what you have to do to keep your everyday life running smoothly. But when it comes to your relationship, the same routine all the time will kill it. You and your girlfriend should make a team effort to keep the romance alive. Whether that’s organizing date ideas for each week or giving each other surprises, always do things that aren’t planned. A little spontaneity will go a long way in your relationship and help you keep it alive and thriving.

3. You keep her guessing where you stand.

Women don’t like to guess where they stand in a relationship. If you believe that’s the way to a woman’s heart, then you have it all wrong. Any self-respecting woman who is looking for a serious relationship will walk out if you’re playing games. Make your intentions clear from the beginning.

4. You don’t stick to your word.

Saying something and not following through and making promises you can’t keep or don’t intend to, will destroy your relationship. Be honest and follow through with what you say and she’ll respect you for it.

5. Your values do not align.

If your values aren’t aligned, ultimately it will cost you the relationship. If there are gaps in your core values, she might be thinking you’re not worth the efforts. Values are a great conversation topic to be had early in the dating phase. Make sure your values align from the get-go so you’re not wasting anyone’s time.

6. The conversation is boring.

You’re talking about the latest toy and she’s talking about real life. If you’re struggling to find common ground in conversation or you’re not supportive of the things she’s saying, then she’s going to walk away. If you’re a good conversationalist, then you should be able to talk about everything under the sun. Find out what keeps the conversation flowing for her and be sure you’re interested and engaging.

7. She met someone new.

Certainly not the best scenario for you, but it can definitely happen. If she found someone else who she likes better than you, then that’s why she lost interest in dating you.

If all else fails and you’re still wondering why things have changed, simply go up to her and ask her, “Have I done something that irritated you? What can I do to get things back on track?” She is the only one who holds the true answer.

So there you have it, the top seven reasons single women in Orange County lose interest in men.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single women in Orange County, contact our Irvine matchmakers today and let us make the introductions for you. We’ll provide you one-on-one guidance and support to ensure your dating success. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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