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Women are fickle creatures, and we’re being honest about that. When they like someone, they act a little different, which makes them hard to figure out. Figuring out if a woman likes you might not come easy to you, but there are some signs you can look for that will give a clue how to proceed.

Women aren’t like guys. They don’t punch you in the shoulder like boys used to do on the playground back in grade school. They hide their feelings, play hard to get, and make you work to gain their attention. The good news for you is that we know how to tell when a woman is into you. Today, our Santa Ana dating service will show you the telltale signs she’s interested in you.

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1. She tells you she’s busy but hangs out anyways.

It is discouraging that you never seem to be able to get her alone or even to commit to hanging out with you. If she tells you she’s busy but shows up later, don’t take that as a sign she’s not interested in you. Perhaps she was really busy but then cleared up her schedule so she could stop by to see you. If she shows up even though she told you she was busy, that’s a clear sign she’s interested in you.

2. She answers your text messages.

So she took a few hours to answer your text message, but don’t take that as a sign she’s not interested in you. If a woman wasn’t into you, then she wouldn’t answer you at all. She could be busy running errands or busy at work and did not see your text. But if she answers it, that’s a sign she’s interested—no matter how long it took her to reply.

3. She always look done up, even at the gym.

You guys go to the gym at the same time, but she’s never in raggedy clothes or sweatpants. Do you know why? Because she’s trying to impress you. She only wants you to see her looking her best, even at the gym.

4. She flirts with other men in front of you.

Just because she’s flirting with or accepting drinks from other guys doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you. If she already knows you have feelings for her, then she might be making you a little jealous to see how you react. She also might be trying to make herself look more desirable.

5. She texts you a lot.

If she wasn’t into you, she wouldn’t be texting you at all. If she is blowing up your phone on a regular basis, take it from us, she’s definitely interested in you. Even if she’s a social butterfly, she wouldn’t be sending you messages if she wasn’t into you.

6. She shows up to the same places you go.

It is no coincidence that she shows up to the same places you go. If every time you turn around you’re bumping into her, that’s not an accident—she’s looking for you. Why? Because she really digs you.

7. She gets mad when you talk to other women.

Does she get a little upset when you talk to other women or female coworkers? She wouldn’t be getting angry if she didn’t have feelings for you. If you notice she gets bent out of shape when you talk to other women, that’s a sign she’s into you romantically.

8. She calls you when she needs help.

Who do we call when we need help? Our partners because we know we can count on them. If she calls you when she’s in trouble, that’s a good thing. If she always comes to you for advice, that’s another sign she values your opinion.

Now that you know how to tell if a woman is interested in you, stop being afraid and just ask her out on a date. If it was meant to be, then you will know. Take a chance, you have nothing to lose.

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