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What makes a relationship healthy and successful? Our Orange County matchmaking experts know firsthand that the expectations are different from one couple to the next. But one thing’s for sure: structuring a trusting and positive relationship requires efforts from both partners. For a relationship to grow and stay strong for years, both parties will need to put in work – constantly.

Today, our Orange County matchmaking and relationship experts are going to show you the top five habits of strong couples and how they make their relationships last a lifetime.

1. They express appreciation daily.

A healthy and successful relationship is based on a pattern of positive expression and connection. Healthy couples aim to acknowledge and recognize each other all the time. It doesn’t have to be something huge and elaborate, but it does have to be genuine. For example, you could leave a romantic sticky note in the house for your partner to find. You can merely tell them you appreciate all they do for you and the relationship.

It doesn’t even have to be about the relationship. You can simply tell them you admire how hard they’ve been working lately. This will go a long way. Healthy couples know how to show appreciation for each other every day.

2. They have mature discussions.

Does it ever seem like fighting is just a necessary part of a relationship? Well, the truth is that although in any long-term relationship there will be fights occasionally, they shouldn’t be happening all the time.

Healthy and strong couples know how to handle fights in the relationship. They know how to sit down with each other and talk about the problem before it scales to something bigger. Conflict resolution is key to a healthy and strong relationship that will make it through adversity.

3. They talk about buying a home.

Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship – but what about when it’s finally time to buy? Couples who believe that their relationship is the real deal will eventually start to talk about it.

Buying a house together is a huge step. But even if you’re sure that they’re the one for you, it is best to wait on buying a house together until you have tied the knot. It will make the whole process easier from a financial and legal point. This is no easy feat, but the accomplishment is well worth it. In fact, the excitement and hard work of saving money and searching for the perfect home – as annoying and trying as it may be sometimes – will help you bond and bring you closer.

4. They support each other’s dreams.

A couple who is the real deal will always have a few shared goals. But each person will also have their own goals in life. Those dreams might not involve the other person. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t support or motivate each other when it comes to those individual goals.

One of the most important signs of a strong relationship is having separate goals in life. It’s also knowing that these individual goals don’t take away from the bond you and your partner have with each other. It is a very delicate balance, but when it’s right, it feels wonderful.

5. They accept each other’s flaws.

Yes, we’ve all been guilty of complaining to our friends about something our partner did wrong. It’s just the way life works. However, being able to fully accept each other’s flaws is essential to having a strong relationship.

The ability to truly embrace each other as flawed and imperfect is key for having a healthy relationship. Part of accepting your partner’s flaws is not throwing them in their face when things get heated. It’s also not putting them down in front of others. Even if you think you’re doing so in a joking manner, tread lightly because your partner might not see it that way.

Having a successful relationship just takes a little bit of understanding and everyday efforts.

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