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Working with your partner, depending on how you look at it, could be the best thing in the world or the worst thing for your relationship.  It all comes down to how you handle your work life with your partner, as it could better your relationship or send it straight into the rocks.

As the leading Orange County matchmakers, we know that there are a lot of successful couples out there who work together today.  Many couples have the same careers and professions.  In fact, the number of couples that work together has continued to grow in recent years.  This can be beneficial as long as it’s handled right.  Today, our Orange County matchmakers are going to show you how to have a successful work life with your partner.

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Separate Home & Work Life

Your home and work life are completely different and need to be treated as such.  You have to be a different person when you’re at work than you are at home.  In other words, never bring your work home and vice versa.  If you are angry at your partner for leaving their wet towel on the floor, not picking up their socks, or not taking the trash out, they shouldn’t hear about it at work.  On the same note, if your partner missed a deadline at work, don’t let that spill over at home.  You can’t mix the two of them.  It will take time and patience to do this, but it’s essential to keep your work and home life separate.

Be as Patient as You Can Be

This might be very difficult to do, especially when you first start working with your partner.  You will just be figuring out how to work together and how to communicate differently at work and at home.  It might be hard not to bring work-related issues home and vice versa, and it may be very difficult to switch off from work mode at home, but it’s a must.  When you’re at work, concentrate on work.  When you are at home together, concentrate on your relationship.  Practice patience with your partner and develop different routines for at work and at home.

Find the Right Balance

You’re going to discuss work-related issues with your partner, even if we tell you not to.  However, if you want to make your relationship work, you need to learn how to separate the two of them.  It’s easy to get lost in your career or business, but doing so could destroy your relationship.  You must make time to spend time together without talking or thinking about work.  Some couples who have successful relationships and businesses choose not to talk about work at home and vice versa.  They have figured out a system to make the relationship work by keeping the two of them separate.  This is a strategy our Orange County matchmakers advise you to use in your own relationship.

Maintain Your Individuality

It can be hard for couples who work together to do things on their own and maintain their individuality, but it’s very important.  You must still do your own things by pursuing your hobbies and interests.  Make sure that you get as much time alone as you do together.  You and your partner need time and space from each other to maintain your individuality.

Keep Separate Working Spaces

Continuing with individuality, you must also keep it at work.  Just as you have your own space at home, you need to maintain your own working space.  If you are working on a project together, then by all means work together.  But if you’re working on something on your own, maintain your space so you don’t get on each other’s nerves.  As much fun as you have together, you don’t want to irritate each other by being together 24-7.  If you work from home, get out of the house and run an errand, go for a walk, or head out for a run to clear your mind.  Find a place to unwind and get your head out of work mode.

Build Each Other Up

Focus on complimenting each other’s strengths instead of criticizing each other’s flaws.  Just as you would compliment a work colleague for their good performance, you must do the same for your partner.  But keep in mind that you should never offer favoritism just because you have a bond with your partner.  The work environment needs to be fair and unbiased.

Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partner on a daily basis and find out if they are happy with the work and home relationship you have going on or if there is something that needs to be tweaked or improved.  Regular communication is key to have a successful work and romantic relationship.

Learn to Prioritize

Just because you have a lot of work doesn’t mean you have to take it home and neglect your partner.  You must learn how to prioritize.  Your partner deserves your time and attention, too.

Make Time for Your Relationship

Everyone who is successful in their career knows how time-consuming it is to work or run a business.  When you work with your partner, it’s more challenging to find time to spend together.  You might end up neglecting your relationship and only spend time together when you’re at work.  But just because you are together at work doesn’t mean you’re spending quality time together.  Of course your job and business require you to devote time in order to be successful, but you must also devote time to your partner.  Once the day is over and you’re home, take off your work hat and really spend quality time together.  A good balance is very important to help your relationship grow and succeed.

With the right communication and planning, you and your partner can have a great relationship at work and at home.

Do you have any other tips for our readers to make their relationship work?  Share your comments with us on the comments section.

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