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Is your boyfriend secretly confessing his love to you without knowing it? If you think you may have captured his heart but he’s not saying those magic words, look for these tell-tale signs from our Orange County matchmakers.

Believe us when we tell you, your guy doesn’t have to say a word to show his love for you.

Today, our Orange County matchmakers are going to reveal the top signs he’s really in love with you, even if he hasn’t said those three little words just yet.

1. He brings you into his social circle.

If you find yourself constantly getting introduced to his close friends, acquaintances, and even coworkers, well, he’s definitely in love with you.

His group of friends are very important to him, and if he is scared to say those magic words, he’ll show his love for you by bringing you close to the people he loves the most.

Bonus points if his friends already know about you and they like you. This means that he’s been talking about you in a good way and that they are happy that you guys are together.

2. He adjusts his posture.

A guy might do this without you even noticing. But pay close attention to his posture when you spend time together. Does he slouch or stand up straight? If you see him always standing up straight, he’s paying attention to you and paying attention to the way he looks. This is because he wants to impress you. Those are really good indicators that he cares for you. This doesn’t mean he’s in love with you just yet, but he definitely cares what you think of him and wants to make a good impression.

3. He gives things up for you.

You have found yourself a keeper if he has stopped going out and partying and instead spends his nights at home with you. If you met this guy and his weekend priority was always to go out with friends but now he’d rather spend time inside with you – watching movies and cooking meals together – you have got some real love going on here. No guy will just ditch his crew for no reason. This guy is really feeling you.

4. He gives you gifts.

If, by any chance, he has still not declared his true feelings for you, pay attention to what gifts he gives you. If his gifts are meaningful, and it’s clear that he’s paid great attention to buying you something special that he knows you will appreciate, this means a lot more than the value of the actual gift. He’s paying attention to what you say and things you like. He’s making an effort to show you how much he really loves you.

5. He bends a little and lets you win.

Many men can be very competitive, but they turn into softies when it comes to the women they love. If he’s letting you win, whether during conversation or a sports game, you’ve got him under your spell. He might also be trying to impress you and flatter you, which is a sign that he is going the extra mile for you.

Still wondering how your guy feels for you? Do you notice any of these signs? If so, congrats! This guy is totally head over heels for you!

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