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It’s been said that opposites attract, and while some people think that’s true, Irvine matchmakers from Orange County Singles know that commonalities and compatibility are key in keeping a relationship alive. While compatibility and chemistry are two different things, both are essential for a long term relationship.

Have you ever wondered what makes you and your partner click? When you are compatible with them, it means that you are attuned to your partner’s sensibilities. Compatibility in a relationship will help you figure out if the two of you are meant to be together for the long haul.

But in order to be compatible for each other, both of you need to share more than just beliefs and interests. In order to be truly compatible with each other, your personalities need to mesh. While you might find someone who is as laidback as you and enjoys the same things you’re into, your life goals could be completely different. You might have different tastes and personalities that won’t go together in the long term.

The only way you can figure out if you’re both compatible is by spending time together, and not just on simple dates where you both have fun. The true test for compatibility is when you spend a lot of time together, handling many types of situations—both good and bad.

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Orange County Dating Advice | How Compatible Are You?

1. You manage to handle hard times together.

It’s true, difficult times in the relationship will help you figure out if you’re compatible for one another. Hard times test each partner’s character. The hard times will show you how both of you cope and handle difficult times and situations.

Are both of you able to get into an argument and still support each other? The tough times serve to create a deeper bond together.

2. You don’t question the love.

When you are happy with your partner and the relationship, you won’t question their love for you and vice versa. You both know that the relationship can’t go wrong. When you feel each other’s love, regardless of the arguments or disagreements, then you can rest assured you found a compatible partner.

3. You know each other’s secrets.

Honesty is one of the most important ingredients to a relationship. Sharing each other’s secrets means you are compatible. Trust and honesty show that you are invested in each other, despite the secrets.

4. You don’t mind the silence.

When you spend time with each other, both of you can do your own thing without having to speak a word or feel awkward. When someone isn’t compatible with you, you will feel like you have to fill the air with small talk. When you have a compatible partner, the silence doesn’t make you feel awkward or anxious.

5. Things always feel fresh.

Being in a long term relationship means monotony and boredom; however, as time goes by, you can either let your relationship fall into a rut or take our Orange County dating advice and do meaningful things together. The feeling that you are still learning and growing as a couple is a sign that you’re both compatible for each other.

6. There is attraction for one another.

You know you’re compatible for each other when you still feel attraction. Even if after all the months or years spent together, you still find your partner attractive, that’s a good sign. There should still be a spark that keeps the relationship alive and kicking.

7. You can be your true self with them.

Some relationships don’t last too long because people put up a façade so their partner will like them. But down the road when those masks come off and people reveal their true selves, they figure out they’re not really compatible like they once thought they were.

If you’re able to be silly, funny, weird, and goofy with your partner (and vice versa), and they still love you all the same, that’s a sign you’re both compatible for each other.

8. You see a future together.

You know you’re compatible for each other when you see a future together. If you can picture yourself settling down with them, getting married, or raising a family, then that’s a good sign. You know that it’s true compatibility when you view the future together. You plan your life with them, and despite knowing that it might not always be a smooth road, you still see yourself growing old with them and supporting each other along the way.

9. Your partner brings out the best in you.

Partners who are compatible for one another bring out the best in each other. You should push your partner to be the best they can be and they should do the same in return. Your partner supports you during the good times and they bad ones, they are your cheerleader; they encourage you to get that job promotion; they are your biggest fan and supporter and have your back whenever you need it.

The compatibility you have with your partner should help you decide if your relationship will withstand the test of time. Without it, you’ll only end up getting in fights over the differences you both have until you finally realize that there is no way you can keep going with the relationship. If you’re not compatible, your relationship will feel more exhausting than rewarding, and that’s when you know it’s time to get out.

Love is never enough to save a relationship. Take our Orange County dating advice when we tell you that you can’t have a successful relationship without compatibility, no matter how much love you have for one another.

If you’re struggling to find a compatible partner on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles today and let us help you on your search!

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