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So you and your partner have been together for a while and are content with settling down. Everything is going great, so great that the two of you have even had a discussion about getting a pet together. How much better could it get, right? We know how exciting this is for you and your partner. With your new place, new work schedule, and everything already moved in, it’s the perfect time to adopt a furry friend.

Now, before you agree and head out to the local animal shelter, our Irvine matchmakers want you to keep a few things in mind—very important things. Getting a pet is not something to take lightly. If neither of you have ever had a pet as an adult, you must know that it will be a major responsibility. Many couples decide to get a pet to test the relationship and to find out if they’re both ready to get serious. After all, caring for a pet is almost like a step before having a child.

People who have experienced owning a pet can tell you that it’s actually very similar to having a kid. Pets, just like humans, have their needs, which means that as their superior, you’re responsible for them and everything they need. In return, they provide a loving companionship.

Owning a pet requires both of you to be ready for everything. Daily feedings, grooming, walking, and cleanup of bodily functions—pets require a lot of attention, especially when they’re babies. Not to mention, they bring on a lot of extra expenses you might not have thought about—food, pet supplies, toys, blankets, treats, and let’s not forget that you’re going to have to take them to the vet regularly.

If you’re still hanging in there and feeling ready and eager to get a pet with your partner, we urge you to read on and follow the helpful advice from our Irvine matchmakers.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Pet

Our Irvine matchmakers will review some important things to keep in mind if you’re considering getting a pet with your partner.

1. Are you sure you want a pet?

Think about it in the long term… Can you picture your life with a pet five or ten years from now? As mentioned earlier, having a pet requires time, money, and a lot of energy and efforts. You must groom them, make trips to the vet, clean up after them, train them, and take them out for walks—to let them do their business, as well as give them adequate exercise. Will all this fit into your schedule?

Let’s say you get a dog with a lifespan of ten plus years, can you imagine yourself devoting that much time to an animal? Can you spend the time and energy required to take care of the animal daily? If you think you can, then go ahead, but if you can’t, then you’re not ready to have a pet.

2. What type of pet do you want?

What type of pet do you want? Do you want a dog or a cat? This can be sensitive issue, especially if you both want something different. Although cats and dogs are the most preferred pets, nowadays there are many options, such as rabbits, hamsters, snakes, fish, you name it—people have it all.

Our Irvine matchmakers want you to make a pros and cons list and review it with your partner. Less complex species require less attention, but they’re not as loving as a cat or dog. Pets like dogs and cats require more care, but they’re smarter and will give you the love and attention you’re looking for.

3. Where should you get your pet?

Once you and your partner have figured out what type of pet you want, the next question is, where should you get your fur-baby? You have several options, a breeder, a pet store, and our favorite, a local shelter and adoption center. And all of these choices have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Local pet stores are going to be more expensive, but they will come with all the essentials, including vaccines and checkups. Pet stores have also taken care of their animals and will guarantee you receive a healthy pet. Private breeders might also be expensive, but you’re guaranteed to have a purebred.

Now, if you want to save a life, there is no better way to do it than adopting a pet from a local shelter. Not only is it a good deed, but it’s also helping a poor little animal get a second shot at a good life with a loving family.

4. How will you divide the chores?

Now, this one can be a bit tricky. Getting a pet as a couple means the two of you need to take care of it together. This is why it’s so important to divide the chores so no one feels like they’re doing more. Figure out who will take care of feeding, walking, grooming, and cleaning up after them. And remember, getting a pet is going to require you to work as a team.

5. Organize and make room for your new pet.

While little hamsters, fish, and other smaller pets might be happy in a small aquarium, larger animals, such as dogs and cats, require more room. You need to have a designated area where you want your new baby to live; otherwise, you run into the chance of having incidents, such as chewed up household items and knocked over vases and decorations. To avoid this problem, you can get a barrier and train your animal not to leave his/her designated area. If you get a dog, then you might need some yard space for the dog to run and play around.

6. Do your research in advance.

Make sure that you do a lot of research on the pet you’re going to get. You cannot get a German Shepard if you live in a studio apartment. The type of animal you get must match with your living situation and lifestyle. If you live in an apartment, then a cat might be ideal for you, as it will provide the perfect environment. Mismatching your pet with your lifestyle will create problems.

Next to having children, getting a pet is a huge relationship milestone. But it does require a lot of planning and preparation. If all goes well, the two of you will have a nice little family. Good luck and happy pet hunting!

So tell us, did you go through with adopting a new pet? Do you have any other tips for our readers? Share your thoughts and stories with us on our Facebook page!

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