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We get it, the moment you see your love, you get butterflies in your stomach. Everything seems to be perfect when you’re in their company. We know, firsthand, the effects of falling in love. Here at Orange County Singles, we’ve seen it thousands of times. There are normal things people do when they fall in love, such losing your mind a little and revolving your life around them. You dream about them and want to be with them 24/7.

We all want to fall in love, right? After all, it is the most beautiful emotion in the world. However, you need to do it without risking your health and wellbeing.

Love is a wonderful thing. Many singles in Orange County are searching for love right now. In the name of love, however, people do reckless things they shouldn’t be doing. A lot of people will do anything just to be in love.

So what are some of the dumbest things people do in the name of love? Today, our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles will share the dumbest things people do in the name of love. We advise you not to do anything like this in your own romantic life.

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1. Break the bank buying lavish gifts.

Don’t tell us that you haven’t done this one before. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive gifts, but boy do we try, right? If you are a successful person, then by all means, go ahead and shell out expensive gifts for your love. However, if you are running tight on money, don’t break the bank buying expensive gifts for your new love interest.

Expensive gifts are not a requirement in a successful relationship. Sure, your partner will definitely appreciate an expensive gift, but we can guarantee you they’ll appreciate a thoughtful one just as much. Our Irvine matchmakers know it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag. Don’t be one of the many people who forget this and go crazy buying expensive gifts.

2. Altering every aspects of one’s life.

This is by far the dumbest thing people do in the name of love. In order to prove to your partner that you love them, you end up changing everything about yourself, even your likes and dislikes because you want to impress them. You will start listening to the type of music, hate the things they hate, and even do things you would normally not do—just so you can please them. In short, our Irvine matchmakers know you are just changing yourself to appease them. This is not a recipe for love. When this happens, you’re only hurting yourself—you’re losing yourself.

3. Professing your undying love on social media.

This one you might already be doing, right? We don’t blame you, you just fell in love and want the world to know how happy you are. With love, comes the unimaginable urge to tell the whole world about it. Of course you should be proud of your new relationship, and no one is telling you that you shouldn’t, but professing your undying love every day is going to hurt your friends and even your relationship. It doesn’t prove anything; after all, actions speak louder than words. But it can surely push your partner away by making you look needy and desperate.

4. Checking up on them all the time.

Okay, we’re happy you found love and want to see how your partner is doing, but come on now, calling them every hour on the hour is only going to push them away. If you are that guy or girl who feels the need to call their partner several times throughout the day, we have a problem. We’re all busy, give your partner some slack and show them you have a life of your own. You must give your partner space to breathe and make them miss you too.

5. Tattooing their name on your body.

We’ve all seen this before. But what happens after the relationship fails? Some people believe they’re so in love that they should get their new love interest’s name tattooed on their body. Warning: Don’t do this! The tattoo will always be there, even after your relationship fails. Of course we hope your relationship lasts an eternity, but branding yourself with a tattoo of their name is not recommended. While it might seem exhilarating in a Hollywood movie, it isn’t in real life. Do this and we’re almost certain that you’ll be sitting in a laser-removal office in the next couple months. Want to do something romantic for them? Our Irvine matchmakers have some helpful tips for you.

6. Neglecting one’s own life.

You have a friend’s party to attend, but your partner just called you and invited you out… Your friend’s party is no longer on your mind. You drop anything and everything to be with your new love interest. Another time, you plan to spend time with your mom or dad and drop the plans because your partner wants to go to the movies. Listen to us here, you’re only hurting yourself. Of course it is fun to spend time with your new love interest, but dissing those who are close to you to be with them is a very bad decision. Your world doesn’t revolve around your partner and you need to understand this.

It is amazing to fall in love, but remember that falling in love should take time, and you shouldn’t do anything crazy for it. If you are doing some of the things above, stop! Not only do our Irvine matchmakers know these are harmful to your new relationship, but they’re also very bad decisions that can negatively impact your life in general. Don’t do anything dumb, risky, or that you’ll regret later.

If you’re not having any luck finding love on your own, contact our expert matchmakers and let us help you on your search. Fill out the private survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE consultation to get started!

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