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Going through a rough patch in your relationship?  Some of your habits might be the cause of the rough waters you’re experiencing.  In order for your relationship to work, you and your partner need to put in the same efforts.  But what if you’re doing things that are actually pushing him away?  In the beginning, everything was wonderful.  But over the past few weeks, everything is starting to change, which leaves you wondering what you did wrong?

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you want to fix the problem.  In order to do that, you must first figure out what you’re doing wrong.  So get ready as our Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service show you the top 5 ways you’re wrecking your relationship.

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1. You always threaten to dump him.

You can only threaten him so much before he actually walks away.  Threatening him after every argument isn’t normal; it’s immature.  If your relationship is going the way you want it to, threatening to leave isn’t the approach you want to take.

Your partner will eventually stop taking you seriously, which will only hurt your relationship in the long term.  So instead of threatening to leave, sit down and have a mature conversation about what is bothering you.  You should never yell things like, “It’s over,” “It’s done,” or “We’re through” unless you really mean it and want out of the relationship for good.

2. You’re too clingy.

There are two ways to be clingy: always being all over your man, constantly touching him, and engaging in PDAs, or always wanting to be by his side.  Are you guilty of either of these clingy behaviors?

If you continue to behave this way, you’re going to drive a wedge between you and your partner.  Clinginess is not attractive for either sex, so back off a little and give your boyfriend room to breathe.  Our Irvine matchmakers want you to combat your clinginess by filling up your free time with hobbies and interests.  We understand that you want to spend all your time with your boyfriend, but it’s not healthy.  Join a yoga class, hit the gym, or spend time with friends.

3. You dislike his mother.

He doesn’t expect you to love his mother like he does, but he absolutely expects you not to hate her.  If you do, your relationship is doomed for failure.  Your boyfriend adores his mother, so of course he’s going to stand behind her.  Women who try to create a wedge between their boyfriends and their mothers always end up with the short end of the stick.  Why?  Because it’s his mother.

If you find that you can’t stand his mother, it’s best to keep it to yourself, especially if you want this relationship to work.  You might not see eye-to-eye with her on everything in life, but you should definitely play nice and put a smile on your face when she’s around.  Saying rude and nasty things about her is going to make your partner want to leave you.

4. You despise his friends.

Just like disliking his mother won’t win you any brownie points, so will loathing his friends.  You need to make sure you’re the girlfriend who gets along with his friends.  As matchmakers, we know it’s not uncommon for women to bump heads with their partner’s friends from time to time, but you should never prohibit him from spending time with his friends.

If you hate his friends and are always talking poorly of them, your man is going to consider pulling the plug on the relationship.  Now, we are not saying you need to be fake or that you have to invite them over when you don’t want to, but you should definitely try your best to get along with them because they are your boyfriend’s friends after all.

5. You nag him all the time.

This one is a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many women constantly nag their boyfriends.  Are you guilty of this?  Nagging will only make your boyfriend do one thing: break up with you.  Just like women who are controlling and jealous, women who nag too much will always push their man away.  Don’t think that nagging him makes you the boss because it doesn’t.  If you want something done, say it nicely.  If your man starts to look at you like his mother instead of a partner, he’s going to say bye-bye.

The next time you feel a nagging spree coming on, do yourself (and the relationship) a favor and zip it.  Ask yourself if it’s really worth it to nag him again for the fifth time today about the same thing.  Did he leave the dirty towel laying on the floor?  Don’t nag him; instead, just pick it up and put it in the laundry basket.  Did he get a little toothpaste on the mirror?  Don’t nag him; instead, just clean it yourself.  If you want to save your relationship, our Irvine matchmakers know you need to learn how to pick and choose your battles wisely.

As matchmakers, we want nothing more than to help you fix the issues so your relationship can flourish for years to come.

If you tried everything you could and still could not save your relationship, don’t worry, our Irvine matchmakers are here to help.  Let us introduce you to relationship-minded men who are looking to settle down with someone like you.  To start meeting quality single men in Orange County today, request your FREE matchmaking consultation by filling out the quick and easy form at the top of this page!

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