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If you’re single and dating in Orange County, you probably can’t believe how frustrating the modern dating scene can be.  Whether you’re doing the online dating thing or meeting people through friends and coworkers, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about the person you’re about to meet before you even get to the restaurant.  You probably have a long checklist of personality traits you want in a potential partner, and while it’s true that you shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations that no one can fulfill, you definitely should have your eyes peeled for things you don’t want in a partner, including a few things we call “red flags.”

No matter how open-minded you are, you owe it to yourself to be on the lookout for these dating red flags.  After all, you don’t want to end up with someone who isn’t right for you.

Check out the top five dating red flags you simply cannot ignore on the first date.

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1. Unemployment

At one point or another, you might find yourself without a job due to no fault of your own.  Your boss could’ve let you go because they were downsizing the company or you quit your job because you were getting a better position elsewhere.  But if you’re an ambitious woman who cares about her career, then you’ll do anything in your power to ensure that unemployment status doesn’t stay long with you.  If you’re going out on a date with a guy who is currently unemployed and he shows no interest in getting a new job, this is a huge red flag with capital letters.  You don’t want to give this guy a second chance.

2. Bad Behaviors

As professional matchmakers, we wish everyone would be on their best behavior on first dates, but that’s not always the case, especially if you’re meeting men through online dating sites.  If your date is rude to the wait staff, complains about everything, and makes rude comments throughout the evening, you simply cannot ignore this.  If he is acting this way now, can you imagine what the future will hold?

This not only applies to first dates.  If he’s rude all the time, then you need to forget about this guy.  It doesn’t matter how nice he is to you, if he’s rude to other, then that’s exactly how he’s going to treat you down the road.  Do yourself a favor and eliminate this guy from your life before he gets the chance to start.

3. Food Shaming

Men have the weird idea that if a woman orders anything but a juicy burger or a plate of wings that she is high maintenance.  Since when did ordering a hearty salad make you look high maintenance?  Come on now, we live in a health-conscious world and there’s nothing wrong with eating a salad.  If you like salad, then order a salad.  He should never say anything about it, and if he does, that’s a red flag.  It’s weird and disrespectful for him to comment on what you choose to eat.  For all he knows, you’re a vegan or have food allergies, so who is he to say what you can and cannot order?

4. Negativity

The restaurant is too crowded.  The food took a half an hour to get to the table.  He wants to order another drink because the first one didn’t taste the way he wanted it to taste.  If your date is doing and saying things like this, then your date is clearly a grouchy guy, not someone you want to date.  This might not be an obvious red flag—like smoking, binge-drinking, or cursing—but it’s definitely one we should mention.

You don’t want to end up with a guy who is always negative because his bad mood will always influence yours.  Before you know it, you’ll start complaining about the same things he complains of and your world will quickly become dark like his.  Don’t let his cloudy sky fall down on you too.

5. Laziness

If your date is pretty much lazy with everything he does—he plays video games all day, he doesn’t clean his place, he doesn’t bother putting in efforts for anything, and he’s bored at work—then he’s definitely not the right match for you.  You deserve to be with a man who is ambitious and driven.  If during the first date you hear statements from him that indicate he’s lazy and doesn’t care about trying, then he’s not worth your time.  If he can’t put efforts into anything in his life, take it from us, he will not put efforts into a relationship—that’s the truth.

Although these five behaviors might not immediately set off warning bells in your head, our Irvine matchmakers warn you not to ignore these five dating red flags on your upcoming first date—you’ll thank us later!

Are you tired of meeting men who give you nothing but red flags?  Do you want to meet someone who fits all your requirements?  If so, contact our Irvine matchmakers today and start meeting quality single men in Orange County who are serious about dating.  Let us do the hard part of screening and vetting for you so you can simply enjoy great dates with quality guys.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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