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You’ll make a great girlfriend, and deep down inside you know it. Your friends are always telling you that men are checking you out everywhere you go. But those same friends are wondering why you’re still single. And that’s a question they’ve asked you many times.

While we don’t have to tell you that being single does come with its perks (because it does), there’s still always a little voice inside of you that’s whispering, “I’m awesome, why can’t I land a boyfriend?” Well, if you’re hearing that nagging little voice, we’re here to help you out. If you’re a great catch and can’t land a boyfriend, we’re going to explain why. As the leading Irvine dating service, we’ve seen it many times. Sadly, you might be sabotaging your own dating life.

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1. You Never Date

Want to know the real reason you can’t find love in OC? Well, the answer is simple: you never date. How can you become someone’s girlfriend if you never go out on dates?

Going on dates means that you’re open to finding someone you really like and want to get to know better. Not going out on dates is like telling the universe that you’re okay being single. Sure, you might not like the idea of using dating sites or dating apps to find love, which is okay, and you don’t have to. But if a friend introduces you to someone, you should at least explore that option and be open to the date. If you’re not open, then you can’t complain about being single… You really can’t.

2. You Don’t Believe in Love

This one makes sense, right? If you don’t believe in love, then it’s hard to say that you’ll ever find it. You need to believe that it exists and be open to finding it in order to one day be someone’s girlfriend.

It’s become very common for people to say they don’t believe in love. Ah, yes, the concept that love doesn’t exist. And people are writing songs about it and making movies. It’s a thing, Google it. Sure, you’re entitled to your own beliefs and opinions, but if you want to find love, then you need to start believing that it exists, because it does. If you’re one of those women who believes that love doesn’t exist because you’ve had your heart broken, then it’s time to change that negative attitude around.

3. You’re Too Picky

Are you being picky with dates? Do you turn down invitations to second dates because they said something on the first date that bugged you and you can’t go over it? If you’re extra picky with your dates, that’s why you’re single and can’t find love.

If you say you won’t date a guy because his hair isn’t blonde or his eyes aren’t blue, then you’re definitely too picky and missing out on great potential partners. It’s okay to have standards, and no one is saying to date a man you don’t like, but you can’t be too picky with men or you’ll never find true love.

Are you struggling to find a boyfriend? If so, how many of these three reasons apply to your life? Sign up for a complimentary consultation with our Irvine matchmakers so we can help you overcome these dating obstacles and help you go from single to taken. We’ll help you open your eyes to dating roadblocks, help you explore what’s important to you in a relationship, and we’ll create a customized dating plan to help you achieve your romantic goals.

As the best Irvine dating service, we’ve helped many single women find love in OC, and we’re confident we can help you too. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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