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Are you wondering if this new woman in your life is into you? Whether you met at work, through mutual friends, or at the gym, knowing when a woman is into you isn’t always so simple. After all, how do you know she’s not just being nice because you work together or because you share the same friends? How can you know she shares your same romantic interest?

As the best Huntington Beach matchmaking service, we’ve got your back!

If you’re looking for ways to know she likes you, read on as our Huntington Beach matchmakers reveal the surefire signs she’s into you.


1. She laughs at all your jokes.

Even when they’re not all that funny. That’s right, if she’s laughing at all your jokes and stories, even the ones that aren’t funny, you can rest assured she’s flirting and trying to show you that she’s really into you.

A great sense of humor is one of the top things every woman looks for in a guy. If she’s going out of her way to giggle and chuckle at everything you say, she’s happy to have found a funny guy like you. In fact, you might not be all that funny, but because she’s attracted to you, she finds you funny.

2. She’s playful and silly with you.

Is she playful and silly with you? Does she get a little bit of teasing in when you’re together? Just like you teased the girls you were crushing on back in elementary school, she’s pulling the same playful tactics on you.

For men and women alike, a bit of playful teasing is a simple, low risk way to create more intimacy in conversation while still keeping things lighthearted and low pressure. Pay attention to if she’s getting into personal territory when you’re together to gauge her romantic interest in you. Does she tease you about your fear of spiders? Does she joke around about how your flag football team is getting stomped on this season? Or maybe she’s even touching and tickling you. Either way, she’s letting you know she’s into you.

3. She uses her body language to her advantage.

Does she bat her eyelashes, bite her lip, or ever-so-gently twirl a particular piece of hair every time she’s in your company? Does she touch her neck or run her necklace through her fingers? These are all subconscious ways of showing you that she enjoys your company and is comfortable in your presence.

4. She moves in to your personal space.

Does she point her feet towards you when you’re sitting down? Does she lean in towards you when you’re having a conversation? Flirty body language goes beyond the batting of eyelashes and hair twirling. And the first place to check out is her feet. Her feet will be pointing in your direction if she likes you. Also check out how close she stands or sits to you. The closer she is, the more comfortable she is with you and the more she likes you.

5. She eliminates barriers between you.

Does she move the centerpiece on the table? Does she put her handbag on the floor or hang it on a hook so it’s not in the way? If you’re grabbing coffee or lunch, does she ensure she moves her coffee mug or water glass so it’s not creating a barrier between you? If she’s eliminating physical barriers between you, you can rest assured she’s comfy with you and wants you to know it.

So tell us, does this new woman in your life share a thing for you too? Did you notice a handful of these signs in her behavior with you? Congrats to you!

From laughing, teasing, flirty tactics, and subconscious body language cues, you now know how a woman lets you know she’s into you.

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