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There is a reason why people just love kids.  Nothing is more heart-warming than their ability to trust with all their hearts.  As we grow older, though, we don’t trust as much as we used to before many life experiences.  Being hurt, especially in dating, makes us never want to trust again.

If you just had your heart broken, it can feel like you will never be able to trust again.  It might feel like they took something away from you.  But don’t worry, with our Irvine matchmaker are here to help you learn to trust again.  After all, if you want to find love in Orange County, you can’t build walls and not let anyone in.

There are two ways to heal from a broken heart.  No matter what the cause of the break up was, you can choose to wrap it up, and, like a broken arm, keep it wrapped so tightly that nothing hurts it ever again.  Or, you can heal your heart by learning to trust again.  You can look at the break up as a lesson in life that puts you one step closer to true love.

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Irvine Matchmakers Teach You to Trust Again

Trust may have been very easy to give away at one point.  But if someone does something to betray you, then you no longer have that ability to trust so easily.  Today, our Irvine matchmakers are going to show you simple and effective ways to learn to trust again so you can find love in Orange County.

1. Recognize that you are still alive and going strong.

Nothing hurts more in life than to have a partner do something to betray your trust.  But in the end, you have to realize that no matter what they did, you are still alive and going strong.  It doesn’t matter if they lied to you or cheated, you are still alive and they can’t stop you.  Remember the old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”  Well, you need to apply it to your life right now.  The only good thing about a broken heart is that it doesn’t kill us but rather makes us stronger and wiser in the end.

2.  Moving on is the best thing you can do.

Right now you might be thinking about ways you can get back at your ex for doing what they did to you.  Often times, people who were cheated on or lied to look for ways to get revenge.  Our matchmakers don’t want you to go down this path.  Instead of looking for ways to get revenge, understand that the best revenge is to move on with your life.

Moving on and being happy with your life is by far the best revenge you can ever give to an ex.  Even if they discarded you, cheated on you, or did something really bad, show them that you are a strong person who doesn’t let anything stop them from continuing on with their life.  Show them that you are better off without them.

3.  Don’t give away your heart so easily next time.

When someone betrays us or mistreats us, we feel like we don’t have control of the situation.  But the truth is, there were probably signs right in front of your eyes that you chose not to see and gave a blind eye to.

Your intuition told you that something wasn’t right and you chose to ignore it.  It’s likely that before you found out they were lying or cheating on you, something in your gut told you.  When you get back into the dating scene, our matchmakers want you to be extra careful with your heart and don’t give it up so easily.  Take time to really vet the person you date and get to know them first.  Don’t ignore the red flags and listen to your inner voice.  If you have an intuition that something isn’t right, don’t ignore it.  Don’t look the other way and end up with another broken heart.

4.  Think about the benefits of trusting again.

There are many people in your life you trust right now.  Don’t let someone’s wrongdoing prevent you from trusting again.  Even if it was a bad situation, don’t let that experience ruin the rest of your life by not being able to trust anyone else.  Everyone who dates is bound to get hurt at one point or another, so don’t ruin your life over this one bad relationship.  Be determined to trust again.  Not everyone is going to take advantage of you.

5. Don’t blame yourself.

If you feel like you can’t trust a single person on the planet then you might feel like it was your fault.  If you believe that you are a good person capable of dating and eager to find love in Orange County, then you will overcome this obstacle and find true love.

If, on the other hand, you play the victim card and think it was your fault and that you don’t deserve to find love, then you are paving the way to getting hurt again.

6.  It’s okay that things are different now.

Remember that everything happens for a reason.  What is painful today will not be painful in a few days.  Don’t look at it as the end of the world.  We move from one relationship to next, which isn’t really a bad thing.  Everything in life happens for a reason and it’s out of your control.

7.  You must trust again to find love in Orange County.

If you don’t learn to trust again, you will never find love in Orange County.  Don’t build walls that no one is able to climb.  Of course being betrayed by someone we love does hurt, but if you want to find love, you need to understand that the next person you date isn’t going to do that to you.

It’s not uncommon to feel like you need to close yourself off from the world, but that doesn’t do anything but prolong the pain.

Stop trying to keep everyone at arm’s length and learn to trust again so you can finally find love in Orange County.  Our matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service would love to help meet someone you can trust with all your heart.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to arrange your free consultation to get started today.

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