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Have you ever caught yourself thinking “My boring is just too boring”? Don’t panic, our elite Irvine matchmakers are here to help you out.  We know firsthand that excitement quickly fades away.

In the beginning of any relationship, everything is exciting because it’s new.  You have a new person in your life so everything you do is fun and exciting.

After some time passes, though, going to the same restaurant, the same movie theaters, and doing the same things all the time starts to get boring.  And if your boyfriend doesn’t have a good imagination, things can quickly go from fun to dreadfully boring in no time.  Today, our elite Irvine matchmakers are going to give you some ideas to spice up your relationship and make things fun once again!

how to deal with a boring boyfriend

Start Having More Date Nights

Every woman’s dream is to have their boyfriend take them on romantic dates.  Unfortunately, not all men have creativity, or they just don’t know how to properly plan a romantic date.  Heck, most of them don’t even know what romance is, right?

The first thing you must do is talk to your boyfriend about date nights and what you consider to be romantic.  Ask him what he thinks about romance too.  Once you figure out what he likes, the two of you can come up with new date night ideas together.  You can also alternate who chooses the date idea each week.

We know how day-to-day life can get in the way of a relationship and take all the fun right out of it.  Most weeks, you probably opt for dinner at home rather than going out to eat.  But if you want to make your relationship fun again, you need to incorporate date nights more often.  A fun activity in the city or even something special at home will do the job.

You can also create a date night jar where you put all your date ideas and pick one out each week.  Believe it or not, this will really make your relationship fun and interesting.

Do Some Growing Together

If your relationship has become stagnant and your man is too boring, it’s probably because you haven’t done much growing together.  If something isn’t growing, it’s getting stagnant and will die shortly after.  To prevent this from happening in your relationship, our Irvine matchmakers want you to do some growing together by learning and experiencing new things with each other.  Don’t worry, we’ll cover some of those things as we move along in the article.

Learn Together

When you learn together, you grow together, which will make you happy and fulfilled.  If the two of you learn something you both enjoy, you will have a great time together.

Talk to your boyfriend and find out what he likes doing and what interests him nowadays.  For example, he might be dreaming of taking a trip to the Bahamas, so maybe the two of you can start planning together.  Or maybe he always wanted to take up a new language, so the two of you can try learning it together.

It could be anything from taking a photography course, a new art class, or even learning how to scuba dive.  The important thing here is to do it together for the first time.

Try New Things Together

You will never be thinking “My boyfriend is just too boring” if you are always doing fun things together—from exploring the city, traveling to nearby cities, or hiking on the weekends.

Write down a list of things you have never done before but have always wanted to, then it’s time to start doing them together.

Sometimes we can get lazy when we get comfy in a relationship, especially when we know someone loves us unconditionally.  But remember your single days?  You know, back when you were doing something new and fun all the time because you wanted to meet new people and stay busy?

When people break up, the first thing they do is get out and try new things because it’s good for us as individuals.  When you let your life get stagnant, you’ll get bored.  So if you’re too comfortable in your relationship, you’ll stop growing as an individual and as a couple.

Both new experiences and learning together are crucial for your relationship.  Just as you need to learn new things on your own, you need to learn new things together.  Don’t ever stop being yourself just because you’re in a relationship.

Grow Together as a Couple

You might think you know your partner well because the two of you have been together for months or even years.  Unfortunately, as professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case.  You and your partner are each growing every day, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you know them.  Most of us grow complacent and forget all about getting to know each other once we’re settled into a relationship.

What’s worse?  We no longer put efforts into impressing our partners like we once did during the early stages of dating.  Do you remember your first date when you changed your out five or ten times before walking out the door?  Do you remember all those questions you had prepared in your head because you wanted to know everything about him?

Compare how you feel now to how you did back then.  Do you still get dolled up like you used to?  Do you get ready for your dates?  Do you still try to impress him?

We change every day as we experience new things, but when we get used to someone, we stop noticing and asking questions.  On the same note, we no longer impress them because we feel like they’re already ours.

If you want to put the fun back in your relationship, it’s time to bring the glow back and make it fun again!  Start by being curious of each other and show one another that you deserve to be together.

Learn to Express Your Love

Last but not least, our Irvine matchmakers want you to learn to express your love for your partner.  Start by giving him more compliments, doing more romantic gestures, and showering him with love.  It will all add up to a solid and healthy relationship.

Relationships are wonderful yet so hard to find.  If you wish you had a boyfriend to shower with your love, contact our elite Irvine matchmakers today and let us help you find him.  Simply fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with one of our personal matchmakers today!

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