Dating in Orange County? 15 Surefire Signs He’s Using You for Sex

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Many single women in Orange County fall victim to players. Here at Orange County Singles Dating Service, we know that when a woman is searching for love, and desperate to find a partner, she might neglect the red flags along the way, landing her as a man’s sex buddy instead of partner, like she hoped for.

Our Orange County Singles matchmakers have seen it many times, and we’re here to make sure it isn’t happening to you. Desperate to find love, many women skip over important aspects of dating and jump right into bed with a man. But just because two people have sex doesn’t mean they’re in love with each other. You might have developed feelings for him, but does he feel the same way for you? Are you worried he’s only using you as a hookup buddy?

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Signs You’re Only His Hookup

1. He only sees you at nighttime.

One of the biggest signs he’s only using you for sex is if he only comes to see you at nighttime. His days are scheduled with everything else but you, and the only time he comes to see you is at your house late at night. If this sounds like the man you’re seeing, then he’s just using you for sex.

2. Plans are always last minute.

How many times have you received the classic “Netflix and child?” text message pop up on your phone? If the two of you never make plans and he randomly texts you at night asking to come over, then you’re definitely being used for sex. This is a telltale sign he’s placed you in the hookup category and nothing more. Don’t waste another second with this guy.

3. Dates don’t exist.

Dates don’t exist with this guy, and the two of you rarely do anything besides hang out at your apartment at night. If you are searching for true love, then you need to get rid of this guy because he’s only interested in sex. A man who’s interested in a serious relationship will take you out on the town and want to be seen with you. If this guy only want to lock himself up in your bedroom late at night, ditch him to the curb.

4. He never shares personal things with you.

If you don’t know anything about him, his childhood, his family, or what he does in his spare time, then that is a red flag he’s interested in dating. If you know nothing about him, then he is clearly distancing himself from you.

5. You never had the talk.

If the two of you never talked about the relationship or where it’s headed, it might be because he’s avoiding the issue altogether, which is probably because he only sees you as a sex buddy.

6. He avoids texting and calling you until nighttime.

If you wake up to zero “good morning” text messages and receive no calls throughout the day, then this guy doesn’t care about you. If he only calls you or texts you at night when he wants to come over and do the deed, then he only sees you as a hookup. Come on now, wake up and realize he’s just using you for sex—and we know you deserve better than that.

7. You have never visited his place.

The two of you have been seeing each other for some time now, and he has clearly seen your place, but come to think about it, you’ve never seen his. Moreover, you have no clue where he even lives. And this is because he most likely doesn’t want to introduce you to friends and doesn’t want you to know anything about his life or where he lives. This guy obviously doesn’t foresee a future with you, so stop wasting your time.

8. He doesn’t stay the whole night.

No sleepovers for this guy. Yep, our Orange County Singles matchmakers know this is a surefire sign he’s only after sex. By skimping out on the sleepover part, he’s skipping out on the quality part of being together, which includes cuddles, pillow talk, and breakfast the next day—all things that are elements in a relationship, which he clearly doesn’t want with you.

9. No cuddle sessions with this guy.

That’s right, he comes over, has steamy sex, and quickly jets out the door. If this is his routine, then he has no interest in getting to know you or being with you.

10. He will not add you on Facebook.

This one right here is big. If a man doesn’t want to add you to his social media account or accept your request, it’s because he doesn’t want you to see his personal life. And this is a clear sign he’s not interested in you for anything other than sex.

11. He avoids you in public.

If you, for some reason, run into him at the mall or out with friends and he comes up with an elaborate excuse for ducking away and acting like he didn’t see you, this should be your wakeup call. He doesn’t want people to think the two of you are together and would rather hide from you instead.

12. Your get togethers don’t last long.

If your get togethers only last an hour or two, and only involve time in between the sheets, then you already know he’s just using you for sex.

13. There are no pet names.

Unless he is trying to get you to the bedroom, he won’t use any pet names. No “baby,” “cutie,” or “honey” with this guy—nothing that would make it sound like you’re a couple. To him, you’re not a woman for a relationship—you’re just a sex buddy.

14. He only pleases himself.

If the sex leaves you wanting more or you feel dissatisfied with him, then he’s only using you for his benefit. He is clearly in it for himself and doesn’t care about how you feel, not even between the sheets.

15. He tells you he’s seeing someone else.

If you know he is seeing someone else, please stop seeing this man right away. You’ll never change him and don’t even think he’s going to come around and be with you down the road. This jerk is only using you for sex and you’re letting him get his way.

If you’re not having any luck dating in Orange County on your own, contact our Orange County Singles matchmakers today to set up a complimentary matchmaking consultation. Let us introduce you to quality single men who are serious about falling in love and settling down—no more players!

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