9 Worst Dating Turn Offs for Single Women in Orange County

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Many men in Orange County have been there and experienced it.

The date seems to be going wonderfully, but then something goes wrong out of nowhere and she becomes distant.

Have you been there before?  We’re sure you have.

Figuring out how to impress single women in Orange County is not easy.  But luckily for you, our Irvine matchmakers know exactly what women like and dislike in a man.  Today, we’ll share our dating secrets with you.

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The Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Single Women in Orange County

Being successful with modern women is not easy, and we know that it comes down to a lot more than good looks.  Women desire a man who is smart, respectful, and caring.  If you are not successful in the Orange County dating scene, it’s time to step up your dating game!

But if you think you have it all covered, think again.  Today, our Irvine matchmaking experts are going to share the biggest dating turn offs for single women in Orange County.

1. Insecure Personalities

Perhaps the biggest turn off for single women in Orange County is insecurity—a man who is not secure in himself.  If you take her on a date and are nervous or fidgety, it will surely show.  This is one of the fastest ways to kill the mood on dates.

Are you happy with who you are?  Are you proud of yourself?  If you are not happy with who you are, then how can you expect her to be happy with you?  The most successful men in Orange County have a positive aura that surrounds them—they are not scared and timid around women.  If you’re insecure, it’s time to change that behavior right away.

2. Overly Sensitive

Men have been taught to be nice and chivalrous for their whole lives, but did you know that being too nice can actually cost you with women?  Believe it or not, modern women are not into those overly nice guys.  If you try too hard to please her or come off as too sensitive, you’re going to scare her away.

It’s okay to be in touch with your sensitive side, but don’t overdo it.  Going overboard will push her away.

3. Being Cocky

Some men think that cockiness is the best way to win a woman.  These men make idiotic statements and boasts all their accomplishments.  Do you talk about how much you earn?  Do you boast about where you live or what you drive?  Well, there you have it—that’s the reason you’re not successful with single women in Orange County.

Women like a confident man, not a cocky or pompous one.  Learn to be humble and modest, then watch your romantic life change for the better.

4. Boring Men

Gosh, one of the worst things you can do is come off as boring on a date.  Did you ever meet a woman who was boring?  Did you ask her out on a second date?  No, you didn’t.  That’s exactly why you’re not scoring second dates with women.

One of the biggest dating turn offs for a woman is a man who is boring and can’t keep a conversation going.  To avoid being a boring guy, work your conversation around things she wants to talk about.  If you see her looking around, then it’s time to change the subject.  If you see her eyes lighting up, then continue on.

5. Dumb Men

Do you have anything going on up there?  You should.  Many men blow their chances with women because they are dumb.  Now, we’re not talking about being an idiot or a dummy, we’re talking about men who speak their minds on a date without thinking about the consequences.

If she is looking around while you’re talking, then change up the subject in a discreet way.  Don’t ever say, “Am I boring you?”

6. Narcissism

Now, we have the guy who is always checking himself out in the mirror.  Are you the type of guy who can’t resist looking at his reflection in anything that shines?  If you are narcissistic, you’re going to push her away.

In the world of dating, a narcissistic man will never land a good woman because he will be too into himself.

7. Touchy Men

Do you think that being touchy is going to get you anywhere with women?  Think again.  Women hate men who are too touchy, especially on first dates.  Do you touch her hair?  Do you rub her knee or touch the small of her back?  If you find yourself touching a woman on a first date, then it’s no wonder why you’re not getting second dates.  One of the biggest dating turn offs for women is a man who comes on too strong.  It is annoying and creepy.

8. Lack of Manners

Manners are very important in dating.  Women love a man who knows his manners.  Every man should know his manners, but not every guy does.  If you don’t know how to say please and thank you or how to properly eat at the dinner table, you’re going to push women away.  Those little lessons you learned as a kid still apply today.

9. Overly Enthusiastic

Are you into football, fishing, or working out?  This is great, but stop talking about it the entire date.  You might have a passion for running or weightlifting, but if you’re overly enthusiastic about it, you’re going to scare women away.  If that’s all you talk about on dates, it’s a huge turn off, unless she is into the same thing.

If you want to improve your chances of finding love in Orange County, then you need remember the biggest turn offs for women.  The quickest way to push a woman away is by doing one of the nine things our Irvine matchmaking experts revealed for you above.

If you’re still not having any luck after reading this dating advice, fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE consultation with our Irvine matchmakers to start meeting quality single women in Orange County today!

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